Here you will find our ceramics for sale. Unfortunately we
cannot make more of these. Once they're gone, they're gone.
Get them while you can.
To order, simply go to our contact
page and fill out our form and note the item number  and any
custom work you may be interested in. We will respond within
three business days with a price quote and any additional
Unless otherwise noted, all ceramics are food, microwave, oven
and dishwasher safe.
Henry Bowl

H - 3.75"
W - 6"

Nice brownish black

Price: $10.00
Henry Flask

H - 3.75"
W - 4.25"

Decorative piece only.
Will not hold water.

Price: $5.00

H - 2.5"
W - 6.5"

Great candy dish or for
holding other small

Price: $5.00